“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela


To End Educational Inequity by Effective Mobilisation of the Youth
Our mission in words

Edforall is a social tool that provides a platform where underprivileged children and our volunteers  come together to build an equitable future through education. We give them an aspiration to become responsible citizens for a better tomorrow. Majority of our children are first-generation learners while our volunteers benefit as change-makers through their leadership mentor roles. At the core of our foundation lies a firm conviction that education is a panacea for social inequality capable of bringing a transformation and a real change in the world. At Edforall, our mentors are shaping that dream into a reality.


Since 2012 impacted over 1680 children at risk in shelter homes, orphanages and government schools
Education Project

We educate less privileged children in shelter homes and orphanages at Vellore and Pondicherry. Following an Oxford University curriculum, specifically designed to meet the needs of children, we seek to employ a holistic approach to education. Interactive classes, use of technology and teaching English language are core elements of this initiative.

Hope Initiative

AtEdforall, we tend to establish an equitable system where our children are not only impacted equally but also equitably. The Hope Initiative is a program that helps us to achieve the equitable part through amalgamation go life skills programs, career awareness programs, and talent search programs conducted every month for our children.


A small selection of pictures from the events we have conducted for our kids over the years.


Education outreach to children


Conducted 8 camps in 2 cities over 2 years


Youths who have graduated from our leadership program


We are a positive, vibrant community of youth volunteers working to end education inequity working with communities at the grassroots.
Anandaraj C S
Chairperson of the Board
Vijay Gunasekaran
Vice Chairperson of the Board
Raghunandan Ganapathy
Secretary of the Board
Roobini Narayanan
Joint Secretary of the Board
Boris Wilson
Treasurer of the Board


As a volunteer, as donor or as a fundraiser you can become a part of our mission. Every effort contributes towards building a better future for our children at risk.
Why we need your support

Your gift contributes directly to ensure Edforall continues its mission of ending educational inequity and providing equal opportunities to all children. Donate today to help children build key life skills they need to take on the world.