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At Edforall we tend to establish an equitable system, where our children are not only impacted equally but also equitably. The hope initiative is that program which does the equitable part, it's an amalgamation of life skills programs,career awareness programs and talent search programs which are conducted every month for our children.

We educate less privileged children in shelter homes and orphanages. We follow an Oxford university curriculum which has been specially designed to meet the needs of our children. This Curriculum will be followed for 5 years with every child. Under this project we seek to employ a holistic approach where interactive classes, technology aided lessons and the English language will form the core elements.

A program designed to help our volunteers see a change in themselves in turn impacting the society around us. It involves regular leadership training, conferences and evaluation. The entire program is designed for the benefit of our volunteers.A highlight of the S2L program is that, our leadership coaches are professionals trained in leadership from the Leading Universities in the world.

People aka Family!


Abialbon VP, Public Relations
Aloysious VP, Finance
Manithan President
& Corporate Relations
Narmatha VP, Hope Initiative
Sai Smriti VP, Operations
Santhosh VP, Resources
Vani VP, Education Project


Akhil Ranjan President
Pratyush VP, Corporate Relations
Nayandeep VP, Finance & Resource
Bhargavi VP, Kal-Vi Project
Pradeep Ravi VP, Kal-Vi Project
Prerana VP, Education Project
Vaishalini Vp, Hope Initiative
Philips Aby VP, Hope Initiative
Dheeraj VP, Public Relations
Nouman VP, Public Relations
Priyamanga VP, Human Resources
Veeren VP, Human Resources
Naman Mehta VP, Operations

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